Pruitt, Winston & Brothers LLC have partnered with Spearpoint International to offer real world, cost effective Risk Management and Security services.

The risks faced by global business are greater now than ever, the increasing danger from terrorism and the ever-present threat from organized and opportunistic crime means individuals and organizations wishing to partake in business must consistently review security procedures and develop their crisis plans.

Spearpoint International provide tailored solutions for clients, developing services to meet the company profile, enabling them to concentrate on core business with peace of mind that assets and employees are protected. The risks faced by all businesses depend on many factors, the type of business, location and public perception of the company all add to the risk profile.

Working closely with a network of global partners, our aim is to deliver a seamless crisis solution or security product, with the flexibility and experience to adapt in an ever-changing business environment.

  • Executive Protection
  • Armed Security Detail & Convoy Security
  • Residential Security
  • Outsourced Security Manager Program
  • Oil & Gas Security
  • Maritime Security
  • KRE Pre-Crisis Consulting and Training
  • Global Monitoring, Research and Intelligence
  • Crisis Response Handling
  • Post Crisis Resolution
  • International Security and Medical Response